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How to get to where we will start our striper fishing trip with Wayne's Striper Guide Service

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Welcome to Wayne's Striper Guide Service

                             Striper fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma                                

Capt. Wayne has the OUPV license issued and required by the US Coast Guard that all legal Lake Texoma fishing guides possess
USCG Licensed and Insured

Contact information...
Capt. Wayne Mc Cullough
Cell Phone..580-513-0415
(Please call before 7PM)
E-mail .......................

Wayne's waiting to take you striper fishing on Lake Texoma    Book your next fishing trip with.....
Wayne Mc Cullough
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Current Lake Texoma levels

BLUE is 2007        BLUE/GREEN is 2015 falling        RED is 2015 rising

I've made the above graph from information on the Corps of Engineers web site.
I expect to resume fishing in mid August as soon as boat is out of the shop as the lake is getting back to normal.
In 2014, August fishing was fantastic and I should be back fishing soon, if the lake level continues to fall. Hopefully, 2015 August fishing will produce similar results

2015 Lake Texoma flood photos

Welcome to my web page which I built with the help of Prunepicker of Sixoldgeezer fame to share with folks a great striper fishing spot, as well as a super water playground. Sadly, Ron "Prunepicker" Ludwig passed away November 21, 2012 and will be long remembered around the lake. I have been asked and am currently the webmaster of Ron's site.

       This twelfth largest reservoir in the United States truely that hosts over 6 million annual visitors spending over 90 million hours at the lake help to make Lake Texoma a fun-filled recreational destination and truely is "The "Striper Capital of the World”

       While those days abundant 20 and 30 pound stripers being caught in the main lake are history, lots of 6-10 lb. fish are still caught with an occasional fish over 20 pounds caught. A rare fisherman friendly limit of 10 stripers with only 2 stripers over 20 inches makes for a lot of ice chests full of tasty striped bass. I encourage the release of any striper greater than 25” if healthy, unless you are planning on having a skin mount made. This will help to insure great fishing for generations to come. Besides, I'm told the smaller fish have a better taste. In order to keep Texoma a great fishery, it is ILLEGAL to cull stripers.

       The Lake Texoma stripers have taken a beating by Mother Nature the past couple years. I've had the feeling after seeing lots of healthy stripers the past several months that we were in for some really great fishing. Well, I now have some proof as the OK/TX Wildlife Depts. have finished their annual get nettting surveys.
Stripers grow about 4-5 inches per year and this can be easily seen by comparing these graphs.

Yearly Oklahoma Fish & Wildlife Lake Texoma gill net surveys....1993 thru 2014

The huge drop in the number of fish surveyed during 2011 was due to a very cold winter of 2009/2010 which killed off nearly all the Threadfin shad which are the primary food source for stripers on Lake Texoma. Shad was restocked but until their numbers multiplied, there was a large fish kill due to starving fish. Larger stripers suffered the most during that 2010 summer.

However, back to back mild winters with lots of shad has resulted in striper fishing again being fantastic. Numbers are up and since stripers can grow 5 inches a year, so has size as shown on these graphs.These show that the number of stripers over 20 inches has jumped from about 2% to over in 2013 and in 2014 a FANTASTIC 38% which is the HIGHTEST EVER since these surveys began being collected in 1993.
Now is the time make plans for some awesome fishing probably starting in May. Book a choice date now.

Gill net survey comparisons for the past four years
2011 survey   2012 survey   2013 survey   2014 survey
These 4 graphs show the percentage of the fish netted at a particular length.
Lake Texoma stripers typically grow 4 to 5 inches per year.
All charts & data above were provided by Matt Mauck..ODWC Southcentral Region Supervisor - Fisheries Division

       While I don’t guide for those other species of fish, you’re welcome to toss any catfish, sandbass, crappie, blackbass or any of the other 80 varieties of fish that I once heard roam Lake Texoma into the ice chest if you enjoy eating them. Providing they meet the current Oklahoma laws and Texas fishing regulations for numbers, size, etc. Oklahoma laws and Texas fishing regulations for numbers, size, etc.

       I’ve tried to build this site with information that you will hopefully find interesting and helpful in convincing you to come to Lake Texoma to striper fish with Wayne’s Striper Guide Service. I have posted my striper fishing reports as well as photos of some of the guided fishing trips for the past several years. This may give you an idea of what to expect, what Lake Texoma is famous for. Remember, “It’s fishing, NOT catching” and while there are lots great days fishing, there are some days that the fish don’t want to cooperate. But be assured, I’ll try my best to put you on fish and insure that you’ll have a great fishing experience. Go to 2013 Trips to see how we’re doing right now or last year, 2012 Trips, or just visit any of the other years to see some of the fishing action and experiences we have had on Lake Texoma. I continually try to update my site, posting fishing reports as well as some great striper photographs, so keep checking back.
Don't forget to visit my Customer Testimonials

       I have been bass fishing Lake Texoma since I moved hear in the early 1990’s and began full-time striper guiding here in 2004. Normally, I fish year-round in a 23 foot Falcon with a 2000 Mercruiser 7.4Litre motor built to safely handle Lake Texoma in nearly ever weather condition Mother Nature throws at us. It’s equipped with several fish finders, GPS, VHF radio and trolling motor to go along with the necessary safety equipment and of course, numerous fishing rods and reels.

       While the boat was built and is licensed for more than 6 passengers, I striper fish with a maximum of five or six people when bait fishing. For safety, I prefer to fish with only three or four when casting lures, especially when using those large top-water lures. I presently fish kids under 12 for only $25 with paying adults

       This 89,000 acre reservoir also has two national wildlife refuges. The Tishomingo and Hagerman National Wildlife Refuges that provide homes to our native wildlife and are visited throughout the year by migrating birds including bald eagles which can easily be easily spotted flying overhead searching for a meal.
In addition, other wildlife are often seen along the many miles of scenic shoreline with an occasional deer or two spotted swimming out to the islands. There are also many acres along Lake Texoma that are open for Public Hunting.

       The lake is truly a super water playground. Thousands of boats are moored in the various marinas and during the summer the lake is filled with fishing, house, pontoon and ski boats as well as cruisers, yachts, and sail boats. The 2 state parks, 26 resorts, 10 USACOE campgrounds, and 22 commercial concessionaires offer a host of amenities for most anyone to enjoy. can be found nearby from horseback trails to boat, jet ski or even houseboat rentals. Chickasaw Pointe Golf Course, one of the nation’s best public courses, is among those links found in the area. Many private campgrounds and motels offer convenient places to stay. Ten Corps of Engineer facilities offer places to camp, launch and beach your boat. In addition to 26 resorts & 22 commercial concessionaires, there are also many restaurants nearby plus some located at the various marinas scattered along both the Texas and Oklahoma shorelines.

       I normally launch in the northern part of Lake Texoma near Catfish Bay at Lake Texoma State Park which has several boat launch ramps and camp grounds. However, as the seasons change, I will often fish and launch just about anywhere from the Denison dam to the Willis Bridge. Because the fish move throughout Lake Texoma and it straddles the Oklahoma and Texas border, I recommend that a special Lake Texoma fishing license be purchased in advance for those 16 & over. These can be purchased locally or at any retailer that sells fishing licenses or they can be purchased on line.

Because the fishing regulations change nearly yearly, please either check with the retailer or purchase the Lake Texoma license to verify if you or anyone in your party need a fishing license.
It’s only $12 and covers the entire lake for the entire year.

Local game wardens from both Texas (Dale Moses) & Oklahoma (Jay Harvey) have recently posted on a fishing web site that fishing guides on Lake Texoma visually verify their customers have the correct licensing.

Please have your licenses available as I will NOT leave the dock until everyone is in compliance.

MY Interpretation of both TX & OK license laws. **** Please check to see if the laws are still the same ****
• Anyone 16 + under can fish TX waters without license
• Anyone 13 + under can fish OK waters without license
• 14 and 15 yr. olds from OK,TX,AK,KS etc. don’t need license in OK water

• TX residents over 65 but born after 1931 NEED to purchase a Senior Resident license to fish TX waters.
• TX residents over 65 do not need license to fish OK waters
• OK residents over 65 do not need license to fish TX waters
• OK residents over 65 NEED to purchase a senior citizen license(good for life) to fish OK waters

       With all that Lake Texoma has to offer, is it any wonder why millions of annual visitors flock to Lake Texoma and help make it a fun filled, year round recreation destination for people of all ages. So come to Lake Texoma and if it’s thrilling striped bass action you want, spend some of the time here fishing with me, Wayne’s Striper Guide Service.

How to get to where we will start our striper fishing trip with Wayne's Striper Guide Service

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a Coast Guard licensed guide?
2. Is the fishing good right now?
3. When is the best time of the year to fish?
4. Do we need to bring fishing gear?
5. Do I need a Oklahoma fishing license? How about my kids? Is my TX license valid? How about my lifetime license? Since I'm over 65 years old, do I need one? Why can't I purchase my 16 year old Texan son a Texoma license at Walmart?
6. What are the limits on fish for 2014?
7. Is a deposit needed to reserve a fishing date?
8. What does a fishing trip cost? Do you accept credit cards?
9. Are there motels or cabins closeby?
10. What else should we bring?
11. How should we dress?
12. Will we fish in bad weather?
13. How many people will your boat hold?
14. Should we bring our own life jackets?
15. Where & when will we meet?
16. How long will we fish?
17. Can we bring food & beverages on the boat?
18. Will you clean the day's catch?
19. Are there camp grounds to pitch our tent or park our RV?
20. My wife and kids want to catch a fish, can beginners fish & have fun?
21. None of my friends can get off work when I do, can I fish alone?
22. Can I arrange a trip as gift?

1. Good question. YES! Unlike quite a few Texoma guides, I have my Merchant Marine Credentials
   I suggest before booking a fishing trip on Lake Texoma for 2012, ask your guide if they are currently USCG licensed.

  1. I am currently licensed   by the US Coast Guard as well as both Oklahoma and Texas
  2. Beginning on January 1, 2010, Lake Texoma fishing guides were required to have a valid OUPV License issued by the US Coast   Guard or pay a possible fine of $27,500
  3. Fishing with a USCG licensed guide will not guarantee that you will catch more fish or have a more pleasant experience, but it will mean that your guide has spent the additional time and money to insure your safety by...............
  • Satisfactory completion of an American Red Cross Basic First Aid Course along with the Heartsaver CPR/AED Certification by the   American Heart Association
  • Passing a Merchant Mariner Physical along with DOT/USCG 5-Panel Drug Test
  • Passing a Federal Background check by the Transportation Security Administration to obtain a “TWIC card”
  • Joining a drug consortium that will oversee annual random drug testing & I have passed these tests 3 times since 2010.
  • Submitting letters of reference, prior sea service records, proof of citizenship, and the authorization of NDR(National Driving Record) checks
  • Obtaining additional liability insurance
  • Passing of a US Coast Guard Auxiliary “About Boating Safety” course
  • Passing a USCG Boat Inspection
  • Upgrading all PFD’s to type I Off-shore models as required by ther Coast Guard
  • and a few other items that I've forgotten along the way

2. It's Fishing. Not catching
Check out my photos & reports from my recent   2013 Trips  to see exactly what the fishing has been.
However it varies quite a bit and just as you think you have it figured out........Mother Nature wins one!
The major shad kill during the 2009/2010 winter hurt both the 2010 & 2011 fishing seasons, but right now the fish are as healthy & fat as I can ever remember for this time of year.
I expect the fishing to be FANTASTIC throughout 2014!

3. Tough question
It's tough because of the many variables. For top-water fishing, I always thought it was best when the water temp reaches 60 and that usually occurs around mid April. However, last year was an exception, at least for me. My best topwater came in May and water temps were way up.
Baitfishing from mid-May through June mid-lake is hard to beat. Even July is good if you get your fishing in early before it gets really hot.
Mid October through November has also produced some great fishing as well. Stripers that are on a feeding frency & are given away by the seagulls produce some hectic slab spoon action too.
The other months always have days of both great & horrible fishing with most somewhere in between. My best Texoma striper ever came in freezing temps on the last day in January.

4. I will have more than enough rods/reels onboard
My livebait and slabbing reels are mostly the Abu Garcia 6500 series. I also have a varied assortment of baitcast and spincast reels plus some spinning rods in that's your preference. Prior to your trip, we can discuss rod/reel selection for your trip.
Actually, if you are like me, I prefer my own rods & reels when I am tossing topwater lures. If you want to bring something, we need to discuss this beforehand as I only have a limited rod & tackle storage area.

5. I suggest you purchase a Lake Texoma license before the day of the trip

  • Special LAKE TEXOMA License
    Allows anglers to fish the entire lake without having to purchase a resident or nonresident license. Oklahoma & Texas residents with a valid fishing license are not required to purchase this license if only fishing in their respective portion of the lake. This license is valid for the entire year and costs $12. I expect we will be fishing in both states and require ALL anglers fishing with me to be legal in BOTH states for both tour and my protection.

    LAKE TEXOMA……….Oklahoma fishing regulations
    Following information was copied from “The Official 2012 Oklahoma Fishing Regulations” on-line booklet. This list is only partial, complete licensing information can be found in the booklet on-line or at various locations that sell these licenses. Those exempt from a OK license.
    • Residents under 16, and nonresidents under 16 who are residents of AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, Ml, NH, NY, NC, ND, OH, TX, or Wl.
    • Nonresidents under 14
    • Nonresidents 65 and older who are residents of Texas.
    • Resident disabled veterans with 60 percent or more disability. Call State Dept. of Veterans Affairs, (888) 655-2838 to acquire proof of exemption.
    • Residents who reach 65 years-of-age (or those who turn 65 during the calendar year) are eligible to purchase a Senior Citizen License which is good for the rest of their lives. Anyone born before January 1, 1923, is exempt from the license but must carry proof of age such as a driver’s license.

    LAKE TEXOMA…………Texas fishing regulations
    The following information was copied from the Texas Parks & Wildlife web site.
    This information is only partial, complete licensing information can be found in the booklet on-line at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/regulations/fish_hunt/licenses/border_waters/index.phtml

    • An Oklahoma resident 65 years of age or older is exempt from fishing license requirements in Texas, including on Lake Texoma.
    • A person may fish in Texas or Oklahoma waters on Lake Texoma only with the appropriate license from the respective state, unless the person possesses a Lake Texoma fishing license, which is valid anywhere on Lake Texoma.
    • A Texas resident 65 years of age or older does not need this license to fish in the Oklahoma portion of Lake Texoma.

    Additional licensing information
  • Anyone born before 9-1-1931 doesn't need a license. TX Residents born on 9-1-1931 or later have to purchase a Senoir Residents license to fish in TX waters or Lake Texoma license. OK lets TX residents fish for free.
  • The special Lake Texoma license costs ($12.00) and is valid from Jan 1 to Dec. 31 and will allow you to fish in both the Texas and Oklahoma portions of the lake. We will often travel in and out of both of these states and boundries are very dificult to determine
  • Since the fishing trips often start very early in the morning, the license must be obtained in advance.
  • Individual Oklahoma and Texas licenses will also work, providing that you have both
  • Certain persons and age groups as well as those from other states should check current the current regulations on-line or at a licence sale retailer.
  • Most sporting goods stores in TX & OK as well as chain stores that sell fishing supplies such as Walmart
  • Local lake area businesses such as the EZ Mart in Kingston sell licenses
  • Current Oklahoma and Lake Texoma licensing regulations can be checked and licenses can be purchased on-line.

The game wardens suggest guides visually verify all the licenses prior to fishing.

All of the information below was posted on a local SOG website by game wardens of TX & OK.

An possible scenario and it's consequences of NOT being properly licensed;
If one customer of the three fishing with me leaves his valid Lake Texoma license in his car and we are stopped by the game wardens with our allotment of "30 legal stripers". The Game Warden has FOUR possible penalties that he can impose.

1. The 10 stripers allotted to the unlicensed fishermen are confiscated.
2. The fisherman gets a ticket for not having a fishing license.
3. The fisherman must pay Civil Restitution for EACH of his 10 fish.
4. The guide will be fined for EACH fish over his boat’s bag limit, in this case, 10 fish.

6. The limit is 10 stripers or hybrids for each person fishing
Someone NOT fishing can not claim 10 of the fish, only folks actually fishing. Of these 10, only 2 can be 20 inches or greater.
Besides stripers, we may catch other species such as catfish, hybrids, black bass, sand bass, crappie, catfish as Lake Texoma has a huge variety of fish.

7. Yes. A deposit will guarantee that specific date that you want to fish
Call or e-mail me 1st to check date availibility or to answer any questions. I have tried to explain my deposit policy on my Guide Rates page.

8. Trip costs and detailed payment information can be seen at Wayne's Guide Rates page.
This page can be accessed by clicking on the button located in the lleft hand column of my Home Page.
Only down payments can be made by PayPal, credit cards or check
The balance needs to be "cash" the day of the trip unless prior arrangements were made. Additional information on payments, refunds, cancellation policy as well as guide rates can be found on "Wayne's Guide Rates" page,

9. There are several within 5 minutes from where we will usually meet
In addition, in Durant which is only 15 minutes away, there are many more. I can assist you in finding a place to stay. Advance reservations and a 2 day minimum stay may be needed on holidays or weekends

10. Bring what you think you might need in addition to any fishing licenses required.
Some items that you may include are camera, sunglasses, sun screen, hats, plenty of appropriate clothing, an ice chest to take your fillets home in. Lots of beverages during the summer and plenty of snacks as fishing builds appetites. In addition, some extra dry clothes to wear if you have a long drive home following our fishing trip.
Don't forget your medications

11. Dress warm and dry in layers
It is always cold or at least chilly on the water at daybreak when our fishing trips start and it is always easy to remove clothing. Be prepared to get wet. Consider some sort of rain gear. Walmart sells $5 panchos. Wave action due to other boat wakes or high winds may get you wet even on sunny days.
Hooks are sharp.....NO BARE feet!

12. YES! I normally plan on fishing and wait till daybreak to cancel
I have long ago quit relying on the weather forecast.
I normally DO NOT stop fishing nor cancel trips because of rain, sleet, snow, cold or hot weather, but high winds and rough seas will prohibit safe fishing. With your safety in mind, we will stop fishing until the normal spring & summer thunderstorms blow by then resume chasing down stripers.
Relying upon my experiences fishing on Lake Texoma, I will determine if weather conditions prohibit us from having a safe, enjoyable fishing experience and will try to keep you posted on possible trip cancellations.
Cold weather can usually be managed unless it it accoimpanied by rain or high winds.
While I understand some of you, including myself several times, may have looked forward to this fishing trip for a long time, taken off work, traveled a long way, spent a lot of money and pulled your kids out of school---I WILL NOT fish when I think it is unsafe.

13. My USCG fishing guide license limits me to 6 passengers
I think that 4 or 5 fishermen is the ideal number most of the year.

14. I am required to carry type I off-shore PFD's for everyone on board, wearing them is not a requirement
These are uncomfortable & bulkier than the type II or type III PFD's that most folks use but do a great job keeping a person afloat with their head out of the water. They come in only two sizes, adult & child(under 90 lbs.).
Children 13 and under MUST wear a PFD whenever they are in the boat. You may bring your PFD's own if you wish.

15. I will call you several days before the trip & let you know
Due to the constantly changing lake levels causing a number of the ramps to either be closed or be un-useable, the exact ramp launch location will be a last minute decision. Fishing patterns may also cause the exact location to vary.
Normally, we will be on the water at 1st light as fishing is normally better in the early morning. Fishing patterns may also affect time & place.

16. Usually 6 or 7 hours fishing
A very early start will give us a much better chance of getting a full box of fish. Stripers are low-light feeders which usually shun the bright sunlight and feed less during those hot afternoons. During the summer, I prefer to leave the dock at first light as we have been getting 90% of our fish by 8AM while struggling till lunchtime for the remaining 10%. During the summer months, I normally will be at the cleaning station by 1PM.
Sometimes a little later. If we have not caught our fish by then, we probably won’t. Plus, afternoon is when the severe summer thunderstorms roll in.
Sometimes a little sooner. If we get our limits early, we can try catching and releasing stripers. However, because of their poor survivability, this can only been done till the lake temperature gets near 80 and only on fish caught in shallow waters and not worn out from the struggle.

17. Bring plenty of beverages and whatever food you might want I good day of fishing always works up a appetite and the hot sun will sure make you thirsty.
Most of of the nearby marinas are seasonal and open for meals or even to purchase snacks only half the year. These purchases need to be done before or after the day's fishing trip.
NO glass bottles. NO booze.
If you bring beer, drink in moderation as it can be dangerous out there. Hooks are sharp and it is sometimes a long swim to shore.
Please..........NO sunflower seeds. Besides a mess, the shells clog the bilge pumps and working bille pumps are pretty important if we start taking on water.

18. I will clean your fish
At the end of the day I will fillet & the day's catch of tasty stripers as well as any other fish we manage to catch. I love the taste of stripers and they are my favorite Lake Texoma fish. Make sure you have a ice chest to take them home in.
I have a number of striper recipes on my web site that may give you some cooking ideas.

19. Lots of locations to set up camp in TX & OK
. There are numerous private RV sites located around the lake. In addition to several state parks along with about a dozen Corps of Engineering camp grounds. Some of these may offer boat ramps & docking plus primitive campsites as well as modern RV sites with sewage & electrical hookups

Lake Texoma Corps of Engineers information          Lake Texoma State Park Office

20. Almost everyone can fish and enjoy catching stripers
Nearly all the fishing we do is bait fishing and only 5 minutes of instruction is needed before you have the skills to get you started. When bait fishing isn't working, we will switch to other methods but the ones I choose will fit the skill levels of the fishermen/women.
I usually inquire about the skills of those folks fishing prior to the trip. This will allow me to outfit the boat with the rod & reel combos that best fit the customers capabilities for the type fishing that I expect we'll be doing.
Youngsters big enough to hold a rod can normally fish and we can always lend a hand reeling in a "big one'. However, you might consider leaving them home when Mother Nature isn't cooperating.

21. Sure you can fish alone
It normally costs the same as with two fishermen, but I do sometimes offer special fishing deals for a single person.
I sometimes have a last minute for a quick, discounted trip. Check often!

22. I've done this many times
I have supplied customized Gift Certificates for many occations. These include birthdays, graduations, casino gambling awards, retirement gifts, church raffles, plus of course the most popular, Christmas.
These have NO EXPIRATION date and additional fishermen can easily be added to the certificate. The actual fishing date can be chosen by the fishing parties at any time.

We support our troops around the globe and pray for their safe return back home to their friends & family

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